Benefits & Services

RMA membership provides you with individual or collective representation aimed at influencing medical and health legislation, regulation and policies. Our activities and services will assist our members, as a private or public sector practitioner, to practice more successfully.

The future of medicine should be decided by physicians themselves—not legislators or private interests like insurance companies. So the RMA represents physicians’ interests in both the public and private sectors and offers valuable tools that empower physicians to do their best work.

Registered to RMA community, a member is gained one and/or more of the following benefits and services:

  • Free and unrestricted access to the information RMA has to offer, including updates on legislation, medical ethics, continuing professional development and coding products and practice tools.
  • Representation for individuals and groups in all matters affecting the medical profession and the social welfare.
  • Private practice support, advice and coding support services
  • Continuing Professional Development services, including access to advice, information, recording systems and point-earning opportunities.
  • At least one free subscription to the RMA journals such as the Rwanda Medical Journal (RMJ) or continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Free legal advice through our Human Rights, Law and Ethics matter.
  • Special offers exclusive to RMA members, such as preferential and discounted rates for, inter alia, accommodation, car rental, computer equipment, Internet access, insurance, code search engines and vehicle financing.

You can recoup your membership fee by making use of the numerous member benefits on offer while staying abreast of medical news and clinical research through scientific journals.

New services are continuously evaluated to add to our growing list of benefits.

As a member you can also actively support our advocacy and leadership activities on behalf of the medical profession in Rwanda and become involved in the issues that affect you and your patients – your voice will strengthen our national voice.

Member ID Card

Once you have completed the RMA registration and the payment, the RMA secretariat provides you a member identification card within 15 working days. The ID card is accompanied by a username and password to access the RMA intranet.

Powerful things happen when physician unites.