The Associations is comprised by four separated bodies defined as following:

  • The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association. It is composed all members of the association.

  • The Executive board

The Executive Board is a board director of the association elected from the effective members and responsible for managing the affairs of the association in accordance with the guidance and policies establish by the association. It is composed of six members:

The President: Legal Representative of the association;
The Vice-President: Deputy Legal Representative of the association,
The General Secretary
The National Treasurer
The representatives of regional and Kigali City committees

  • The National Committee

The National Committee is an advisory body of the association and works closely with the Executive Board to fulfil the objectives of the association. It is divided into permanent and temporary committees. The permanent committees are composed by three committees: the Scientific Committee, the Social Committee and the Supervising Committee. The temporary committees are created by the Executive Board.

  • The Regional Committee

The regional committee is the decision and representative body of the association in regions. The association contains five regional committees related to the four provinces and Kigali City and named as following:

RMA Eastern Regional Committee
RMA Southern Regional Committee
RMA Northern Regional Committee
RMA Western Regional Committee
RMA Kigali City Commitee