Online Forum

The RMA Doctor Internet Forum is an online discussion site where RMA members can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. The RMA Doctor Online Forum is the largest and most active professional network of doctors in the RMA, has launched a unique resource for clinicians as well as non clinician and other medical professionals involved in health care.

The importance of RMA Online discussion forums

  • Area to express and share opinions: RMA Doctor Online Forum help RMA members to discuss on clinical and non clinical of RMA member’s point of view.
  • Network of Medical Doctors: RMA Doctor Online Forum is a nework of all members of RMA. It brings together medical doctors working in Clinical Service (public and private hospitals, clinic…), medical doctors in public administration (ministry level, academic level ….), medical doctors working in non govermental organisation (Health related NGOs) or civil societies and medical doctors working/or living overseas.
  • Easiest and fatest way of sharing information : RMA Doctor Online Forum give an opportunity of RMA members to share information. it is used to communicate by horizontal and vertical ways, sending announcements, planned and ongoing events, job application, opportunity for Scholarship,