RMA Intranet

The Rwanda Medical Association Intranet is a network based on RMA website and facilitates communication and access to information. It is accessible only by the RMA’s members and its employees. The RMA Intranet promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas and provides a single, secure, reliable access to an association’s private information.

The RMA Intranet helps the association and its members to improve the organization’s ability to manage the information and it is also streamline document distribution.

The RMA intranet has different features:

  • Member’s tool: This will allow the user to access to different documents. They can download the documents of the association, the Rwanda national Guidelines and protocol used in medicine, the policies and procedures, the journals, newsletters, etc.
  • Member’s search: This utility allows the RMA Intranet users to search through and view member of public profiles. The search utility here allows you to target specific information within public profiles (personal summaries, detailed descriptions (which may include a resume), and contact information). For example, you can search for a doctor working at “specific hospital” under Occupation/Specialty.
  • Mailing address: The RMA intranet gives a possibility of register member to create their mailing address under the RMA website domain (e.g. paul.muganga@rma.rw). The created email address allows them to send a private message from a member to one or more other members.
  • Doctor forum: The RMA doctor internet forum is an online discussion site where RMA members can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. The RMA doctor forum is the largest and most active professional network of doctors in the RMA, has launched a unique resource for clinicians as well as non clinician and other medical professionals involved in health care.
  • Opportunity center: The RMA Opportunity Center provides facilities and services that are sustainable, innovative, and compassionate for the life-long benefit of RMA members. The Opportunity Center has a twofold purpose. The first is to provide experiences that encourage RMA member’s emotional and social growth, self-awareness, responsibility and self-esteem. The second purpose is to provide the necessary and available opportunities to the members for example on job employment, scholarship as well research grant.


The RMA Intranet is under Construction we shall notice you once it is up and operational 


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